Moorish villages of Moclín and Montefrío

Well worth a day trip are the Moorish villages of Moclín and Montefrío, both set in amazing mountainous landscapes.


Moclín is about a 45-minute drive from the hotel and is very little visited. A beautiful and very sleepy white mountaintop village with what remains of the Moorish castle to top it off. Moclín was the border between the Christians and Moors for 150 years, so the whole area is full of watch towers and castles. The Moclín castle is only occasionally open to the public, so please enquire at the reception of the hotel for the latest. An alternative way to visit Moclín is an amazing 3 hours circular walk which starts in the nearby village of Olivares. You can request a map for this walk in the reception.


Montefrío is one of the best views in the world! Well, according to the National Geographic at least, and we tend to agree. It’s a white mountain village intersected by a surging diagonal rock with a church perched on top. There are some nice bars and restaurants as well, and do not miss the round church of the Incarnation. For even more history, head to the nearby Peña de los Gitanos for the Neolithic dolmens and burial sites, a Roman ruin and a Visigoth necropolis.