The Albayzín Arab Quarter and the Cathedral of Granada

There is no doubt that the Albayzín is the most interesting neighbourhood in Granada, consisting of narrow twisted alleys and hidden little squares; from most of which the view on the Alhambra will seem like a dream. Walking around between the picturesque white houses covered in cascading flowers, you will appreciate it has almost wholly preserved its Medieval urban plan. Hours can be spent simply strolling through these beautiful streets, soaking up the tranquil atmosphere. Buses for the Albayzín are located at Plaza Nueva, please take number C31.

For refreshments the Arabic influence has developed the tradition of Teterías – tea houses where you can sample a wide range of teas and Arabic delicacies, with typical décor consisting of low tables surrounded by oriental carpets and piles of cushions. Find them in the low Albayzín, from Plaza Nueva square, on your left hand side, in Calderería Vieja and Calderería Nueva streets.

Granada Cathedral was built by Queen Isabella immediately after the conquest of Granada on the site of the Mosque. This temple is a masterpiece of Spanish Renaissance style.

The Cathedral of Granada has impressive facades and a stunning interior with a grand altar and several chapels. In the spectacular burial chamber are the tombs of the Catholic kings Isabella and Fernando.